Indiana Weather 1-23-14


Here is what you can expect for Central and Northern Indiana: Thursday January 23rd 2014.

Across the area expect to see windy conditions that will keep temperatures down and Wind Chills in the negative teens.  South Bend looks to be getting another possible 1-2 inches.  Lafayette, Indy and Muncie will have wind chill warnings.  Fort Wayne will have to take caution as they should experience blowing snow.  Wind Chill Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories are out across the state. Continue reading

Indiana Weather 1-22-14

20140122-000117.jpgHere is what you can expect for Central and Northern Indiana, Wednesday January 22nd 2014.

Flurries, 30% chance
High: 19
Low: 3
Winds: 10-20 MPH
Wind Chill: -10 to -20

Fort Wayne
Snow Showers, 40% chance
High: 18
Low: 7
Winds: 10-20 MPH
Wind Chill: -10 to -15

South Bend
Snow Showers, 70% chance
High: 16
Low: 9
Winds: 10-25 MPH
Wind Chill: -15 to -20

Snow Showers, 30% chance
High: 17
Low: 1
Winds: 15-30 MPH
Wind Chill: -15 to -20

Snow Showers, 30% chance
High: 16
Low: 4
Winds: 10-30 MPH
Wind Chill: -15

Let us know if you think we should include any other cities to help better serve you!

Storm Chaser Mike

Welcome West Michigan Storm Chasers.DSCN0417

I am Mike.  I am one of the brains to this awesome page.  That includes Bear Bottom Production, West Michigan Storm Chasers and their respective FaceBook and Twitter pages.  I feel in love with weather when I was a really young kid.  I was out playing basketball when I saw a lightening strike in the distance.  A weather creature was born.

Since then I have followed weather and am always outside in the worst of it (Safely though).  A couple years ago I got with Rebecca, while we were working together, and we were discussing our passion for weather and what we liked most about it.  She mentioned that she had a page she ran (West Michigan Storm Chasers) and wanted help running it.  I offered to help her.  From there another Monster was created.  When I first joined her on the page, we had somewhere around 30-40 Likes and covered just the west side of Michigan (Ludington South).  Since then we have grown to over 150 Likes and now we cover West and Central Michigan as well as Central and Northern Indiana.  Enough though about the page and how I got started here.

I am a graduate of Western Michigan University.  I lived in Michigan before moving to Indiana for a job.  I miss the storms off the lake and the effects they have in the winter already.  I am a crazy nut, in a good way.  Like i mentioned before, I am the first one out the door when there is a storm approaching.  I have been in hail storms, blizzards, tornadoes and some of the craziest winds.  I am not afraid of weather, with that said though, I would never put anyone or even myself in harms way if I did not think I was able to handle it.

I am the one mostly posting info on the Twitter and FaceBook pages.  I provide all of the tracking info, up-to-date Watches and Warnings and even once in a while Live broadcast about a storm.

Look forward to bring you weather updates!


2013, A Reflection of People

Around New Years people always reflect on what they have accomplished, or not accomplished in the previous year. In the last few weeks I have reflected not on what I have accomplished or helped others accomplish, rather how people close or significant to me have made a positive impact in my life. Whenever you think of an accomplishment, there is always someone you did it with or that inspired you to achieve.

I normally do not put people’s real names into my blog posts, for the reason that they deserve their peace and happiness. With this article though, I will be using their names and telling how they have made a positive impact in my life.

The reason I am doing this, you might ask, is to make it a point that with these people I would not have been able to accomplish what I had in the last year. Another question you might ask is why not just tell them. Do not worry, I tell them all the time and make sure they know they are an important piece in my life. Just because a friend or family member is not on this list does not mean they have not made a positive impact on my life. Everyone that I have around me, friends and family are positive influences.

So let me begin…

Mom (see I hide some names): I love you! No matter what the issue or problem you are always there to listen and give encouragement. You are just amazing. I love your cooking, I may complain at times about it, just think though I have rarely left a plate full of food. When I do, hours later I am there to finish it. I cannot appreciate you more for all the times that you have helped me with different craft projects. Whether it was for school, thinking of ideas or making fleece blankets for me (I use them all the time). It’s good knowing I always have someone to lean on. Thank you!

Dad (see again I do not give out names): I love you! Like mom, you are always there for me, listening and encouraging. Your advice always hits me at home. I may not like hearing it at the time, though later thinking about it, I know it is correct. I am glad that you raised me not to be lazy. All those times I thought you were only making me suffer have actually paid off. Thank you!

Sister (I am on a roll): I love you! Thanks for being there; through everything. I know we get into arguments and disagreements, yet what brother and sister do not? I do not think it would be normal if we were able to get along with each other all the time. I am glad that we are our own person. You not being like me and me not being like you. That would be scary. I am happy to know that I can call you and we can talk about anything, then wait another three weeks before having any contact. Thank you!

Jason Sweet: You are such a great role model. Always positive, uplifting and helpful. I love that whenever I call with a problem, whether it be personally, about a friend or a problem around the house, you are always listening and suggesting ideas rather than telling me what I have to do. When we hang out we have so much fun. I have grown as a person because of you. Because of the positivity, openness and leader you are. Thank you!

John Campbell: If people didn’t know any better, they would think that we are brothers. Heck we pretty much are brothers, just without actually being brothers. There are very few people that, outside of family, I can call at anytime and know if it was serious enough you would be here in a heartbeat, or within a reasonable amount of time. I know I would, and have been here for you. And you have been and will be there for me. We have such a blast when we hang out; from waving at complete strangers as we drive by, our cell phone baseball, to being ourselves without a care in the world, to our awesome no point conversations. I am so glad that we meet in our history class, where we still are trying to order trousers and give Ohio to Russia. Thank you!

Alex Ramon: You know a true friend when you can remember a few things: the first time we meet, the times we were there for each other and all the fun times we have had and will have. You are a true friend. Regardless of what happens, what we disagree on or what fun we have, we have stood together throughout the years. And that’s a lot of years from our second grade football card trading days. We have had our rough patches, where we disagreed on what-not. While also having our good times, when we hang out, you came to Western or when we talk on the phone. We have stood by each other sides through some of our lowest and even our highest points. I look forward to the many more years we will have to grow our friendship even more. Thank you!

Rachel Taylor: What a year!? A roller coaster ride to say the least. You are an amazing person with such a big heart. You are always putting others before yourself. You are always there for your friends and family. You have taught me so much. Throughout the last year you have showed me how to show my emotions. You showed me how to set aside my pride and learn what is more important. You have taught me so much that it would take hours upon hours to tell you. I have always appreciated what you have done for me and always will. I hope that you continue pursuing your dreams. Your dreams of become a dancer/dance teacher or working for Disney. I know how passionate you are about both. Thank you!

Aaron Bomer: We are great friends. Both of us can just talk out our problems to each other and we are always helping each other. The understanding that we have for each other is the kind that is only understandable by the experiences that we have had. I have had the opportunity to watch you grow as a person. From the moment we meet court side at the basketball game. You help me stay positive. Thank you!

Cassie Terry: We have known each other for a few years, yet it was only until the last month of 2013 that we really got to know each other. You do not know it yet, well now you do, you have helped me out more than I can explain. With everything that has happened to me in 2013, you have been the person to show me that looking forward and staying positive goes a lot farther than anything else in life. I am so glad that we were able to get to know each other more and hope to continue getting to know each other. Thank you!

Aunt Pat: You follow me? The conversations we have are some of the best. We have both been helping each other in ways that we both probably cannot even begin to explain. I appreciate you taking me under your wing when I moved down here, I do not know what I would have done if you had not. I know I have not helped you out to much with your computer, it is a goal of mine to help you out. I have not forgotten. I look forward to our adventures and conversations to come. Thank you!

Grandpa: I miss you! I love you! No words can amount to what you have meant to me. From education to life, you are my role model. I was asked recently who is my mentor, I immediately thought of you, except I had to think of someone that was not part of my family. There is not a time in my day that I do not think, “I wonder what it was like when my Grandpa was younger.” I am glad that I spent countless hours talking to you. Whether it was when we traveled on family trips, I spent the weekend with you or when we talked on the phone. Those are the moments that I cherish. I could have been out playing, watching sports or doing anything else, instead I made the best decisions in my life by spending those moments with you. It has been a few years now, I still cannot speak to much in depth without tears coming to my eyes, let alone type. I relish when I realize your characteristics of courage, knowledge and empathy for others shine through me. I never said it enough, maybe cause I never wanted to lose you. Thank you! Thank you for everything now and in the future.

Aubrey Barz: There is a reason for everything. Back in August when I literally wiped out 90% of the people I was friends with on Facebook, I kept you. I know we have not talked much and do not really know each other, though there are attributes of you I like. Your positivity. At a time in my life when I thought everything was negative, I saw a positive light from you. It was what I need and strived for. Your determination to improve not only you, but those around you. I hope I get the chance to know you more and learn from you. Thank you!

Beverly Whaley: Your focus at the time of my cloudiness (for lack of a better word) was exactly what I needed. You could have easily just brushed me off saying that it was not something that is your problem, you do not care, etc. Instead you helped me out, you were/are a friend to me. I really appreciate that you listened and cared about what was going on with me. I could not ask for anything else. Thank you!

Cody Shattuck: My brother (well not really). Our conversations always bring a smile to my face. There is never a point or direction they take. Yet we get some pretty amazing travel plans, activities and ideas out of them. The best way to spur creativity is by having a destination with no route. We are both in for an exciting year. And I know our conversations with get even better. Thank you!

I look forward to 2014 where I can continue growing my friendships with those I already know, building new relationships with people I will meet and rebuilding those relationships with those I find meaningful.

Thank you!

Need Your Help!

Two Words!

Today, people think that by talking and talking it will make a difference.  Yes, in some cases it can make the difference.  In most, words are only lost.

The other day I happened to be at work, actually I was working.  I just don’t randomly go into my work (30 minutes away) just to see people. I am not mean, I just do not need to be at work any longer than I have to. I work at a hardware store (actual name will not be released). I am an Assistant Manager of a department. A co-worker of mine from a neighboring department was not having the greatest day.

She is a great person, a divorced mother of two who has a heart of gold. She loves her daughters so much. She turned into a kid this Christmas season with Elf on the Shelf. Everyday when I asked her about what the Elf was doing, she would get a glow in her eyes.

On this one day she was doing alright. During her shift she had to leave to deal with a situation that arose. I could tell immediately it was something that was upsetting her. She was gone no more than 30-45 minutes before she got back. When she got back she had a sad, upset look to her.

I saw her when she got back, though I was able to talk to her. Another hour had passed before I was able to say anything to her.

When I saw her I said, “You’re Awesome!”

She looked at me, facial expressions not changing, though her look in her eye said it all. Her eyes smiled and glowed. Hearing those two words changed her day and turned it around. It even brightened my day. Knowing that someone else was having a better day because I took the time to say something, two words.

People need to realize it is not about how much you say. It is about the meaning and appreciation of the person you are talking to. Two words, just two words changed someones feelings for the rest of the day.

Remember, whatever you say should be done with honestly and confidence!