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Brazil vs. Croatia Recap

Croatia attacked early and often.  Their efforts were rewarded in the 11th minute when Croatia went on attack, crossing the ball into the box.  Deflecting off a strike and then Brazil’s defender Marcelo kicked it into his own net.

Yes, the first goal of the 2014 FIFA World Cup was an own goal.

Ten minutes later Brazil looked to get the equalizer when they went on a strong attack.  Several times there were quality shots on goal.  Stipe Pletikosa was spectacular in goal making the saves.

Neymar received a yellow card in the 27th minute for a forearm to the head.

Minutes later Neymar struck a low drive towards goal.  Pletikosa fully stretched in his dive could not stop the ball from redirecting off the woodwork and into the net.

Back an forth action would continue for the remainder of the first half.  Both sides getting some good looks in, neither able to capitalize.

Halftime score: Brazil 1-1 Croatia

The start of the second half started out like most matches do.  Both teams were just trying to feel each other out to see what each other strategies were.  They only slow down in the game were the occasional penalty and substitutions.

Croatia’s Corluka received a yellow card for his tackle on Neymar in the 65th minute.  The ensuing free kick for Brazil was well above the crossbar.

In the 69th minute, Brazil was awarded a Penalty Kick after the challenge by Croatia.  Croatia’s Lovren received a yellow card for the incident.  Croatia players argued with the ref about the call.  Though he stood by his call.  The announcers argued that the ref should have let the play go considering there was no chance of anything coming from it.

Brazil’s Neymar took the penalty kick.  Pletikosa was able to get his hands on the ball but was unable to stop it from going into the net.  Brazil takes a 2-1 lead.

Croatia is not getting any breaks in the game.  Multiple times they have had scoring chances only to come up empty.

In the 88th minute Brazil’s Gustavo received a yellow card for his poorly timed tackle.

In the 90th plus minute, Brazil’s Oscar toe-pokes in the dagger to close out the game for Brazil.

Final Score: Brazil 3-1 Croatia



Croatia should hold their heads up high.  They had to battle not only Brazil, the tournament favorite.  They also had to battle the refs which gave no calls their way.


Brazil Goals:

29, 71(PK) Neymar

90(+1) Oscar

Croatia Goals:

11 Marcelo (Own Goal)

Was that worthy of a Penalty Kick?

Brazil vs. Croatia, what is the final score?

World Cup Coverage


We here at Bear Bottom Productions will be covering the World Cup games.  We will provide questions, recaps and analysis (knock-out rounds) of this years FIFA World Cup.  We hope you enjoy and make sure you check back for all the coverage we can provide.  Starting with Brazil vs. Croatia.


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P.S.  Here is a breakdown of the final sscores.

Brazil 3-1 Croatia

Mexico 1-0 Cameroon

Netherlands 5-1 Spain

Indiana Weather 1-23-14


Here is what you can expect for Central and Northern Indiana: Thursday January 23rd 2014.

Across the area expect to see windy conditions that will keep temperatures down and Wind Chills in the negative teens.  South Bend looks to be getting another possible 1-2 inches.  Lafayette, Indy and Muncie will have wind chill warnings.  Fort Wayne will have to take caution as they should experience blowing snow.  Wind Chill Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories are out across the state. Continue reading