Daytona International Speedway and NASCAR

Over the 4th of July weekend, Austin Dillon was sent on a ride of his life while racing the final lap of the Coke Zero 400.  Luckily Austin Dillon walked away from the crash that left his car shredded and scattered along the Tri-Oval.  Though this crash and others that have happened are causing drivers to think that NASCAR is not helping the situation.  Ryan Newman believes NASCAR got exactly what they wanted.  While Jimmie Johnson thought the worst when watching the wreck happen behind him.

We Are Back

Hello Everyone,

It sure has been awhile since the last time I actually posted something on the website. And I have missed it dearly, I do not know what I was thinking when I decided to take a break from all of the writing, observing and laying out my thought. But I have had a lot of them lately and really wanted to get back into the writing spirit.

Since I have been gone I have traveled a lot, explored life and meet lots of interesting people. My life seems to be falling into place as I type, think and live. These are all good things.

Hopefully you all will still enjoy my writings. I enjoy writing them. Feel free to leave comments, messages or E-mails from me to reply or see. Would love for you to like and share what you enjoy as well@

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Your Thouhts?

So I happened to be scrolling through social media today. You know the usual, FaceBook feed, Twitter and just scanning to see if there was anything interesting going on. Nothing to much was happening until I came across a picture that just did not strike a good chord with me.

So, I wanted to know what people thought of the picture that I had found. Do want to make note that this picture does not represent my views or beliefs in any manor. This is a picture that I found on Social Media.

Here is the picture, what are your thoughts on it?


Who Will Win Super Bowl XLIX?

Death Penalty

Lately I have seen an article talking about the “Death Penalty” and how they are done wrongly and something needs to be done about.

I sit and I scratch my head. Over, and over and over again. Why would you do anything to it.

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Are they the same thing?

People are starting the argument that the word “Redskins”, used by the Washington Redskins football organization is not an offensive word.  They go on so much so to say that a gay being called a faggot and a Native American being called a Redskin are not even the same thing.  And are not even on the same level of offensiveness.


Well we have a poll for you.  Let us know what you think!