We Are Back

Hello Everyone,

It sure has been awhile since the last time I actually posted something on the website. And I have missed it dearly, I do not know what I was thinking when I decided to take a break from all of the writing, observing and laying out my thought. But I have had a lot of them lately and really wanted to get back into the writing spirit.

Since I have been gone I have traveled a lot, explored life and meet lots of interesting people. My life seems to be falling into place as I type, think and live. These are all good things.

Hopefully you all will still enjoy my writings. I enjoy writing them. Feel free to leave comments, messages or E-mails from me to reply or see. Would love for you to like and share what you enjoy as well@

Well, I have already created on article called “Your Thought”. Check it out, leave a comment, and share so we can see what other people think of it as well!

Thank you,
Bear Bottom Productions


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