TLC Tattoo Girls


Springfield, MO…  Yeah not really there..  If I was, there would be me, sitting outside Ink Ink wondering, “How can a local business that depends on its city and surrounding area basically take a crap all over it?”

Reality TV, trying to get views, anything for the money…  Yeah, those could be some of the reasons for saying what they said, but then again, do you bite the hand that feeds you?

Kelsey stated the following in their show promo clip (which can be viewed HERE), “Springfield’s very close-minded and very religious, Everyone in Springfield has kids already … Nobody tell anybody in Springfield I said that!”

Well… Kelsey… They have heard and they are not happy.  Apparently from Comments and users on Facebook, they are not to happy about your work or your show either.

She calls on Brad Pitt to come into her shop to get some work done. I plea that he does not.  Personally, if I was Brad Pitt I would go to town and announce that you are looking to get a tattoo, then casually walk down the street, pausing for a minute in front of Ink Ink looking around… Thinking out loud, “I though there use to be a good shop here?”, then continue on.

One thing is for sure, people do not like how Ink Ink has treated the local people, at least through the promo.  Reality TV has drama, stirs up communities and requires people to understand that it is a business that is driven by viewers who watch and sponsors that pay.  So go ahead and be upset about how they talked about your city and those that live there.  Remember though not to watch the show.  For watching only gives them fuel and power.

Another side note to remember, this show and this shop will bring people to the city of Springfield.  Prove dollars flowing into businesses that are around the area and keep the economic growth in an upward manor.  Time will only tell how this plays out.

UPDATE:  FaceBook and Google are having fun with this topic as well.  Here are some images of the fun:



Lets hear what you have to say in regards to this Springfield and World!!!  What should TLC do about Ink Ink Springfield??? VOTE!!!

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3 responses to “TLC Tattoo Girls

  1. Well, its freaking true. This is a back water town that wants to be “Metro or Urban” , I think its great there is an all girl tattoo shop here. These women are doing what they love and supporting their families. And sending them threats, throwing things at their cars, running them off the road, looking up their mothers on Facebook telling them their girl should have been aborted? Real classy Springfield! This is the bible belt, there is alot…I mean a lot of prejudice here and unfortunately, those that have the deck stacked against them, are trying to succeed, with our without you.

    • Hello, Thank for your input to our topic. Yes, sometimes the truth can hurt especially to a community that is deep in traditional ways. They seem to have a good thing going for them, it would be a shame to have a business run off because they tell it like it is.

  2. Kelsey gave me the worst tatttoo I have ever gotten. Its. 5 years old and looks more that 20 years old. Every artist that has seen it since has just shook their heads and said it’s sh*t work. The shop she worked at when she did it wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to “try” and fix it. I don’t know about the other girls there but she is horrible!

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