About Us

Welcome to Bear Bottom Productions.  A source for unique opinions, topics and stories all told from our writers perspective.  Let us give you a little background about who we are.

Bear Bottom Productions started in 2010 as a College Project.  It was a great project that lead to many interesting articles, interviews and followers.  We were founded by Mike Lindauer, who at the time was studying Communications at Western Michigan University.  “We had a class that required us to create a Social Media page on FaceBook to learn its features.” Says Mike.  “After the class was over, that is when I really started working and building the page.”

Bear Bottom continued its success for many years until Mike graduated from college and started focusing on what he calls “the real world”.  “I never saw this as something longterm, just something fun to do.  After finishing college I took about a year off of anything to do with the page.”  Over time the page was brought back into the fold of life.  Though nothing to what it had been.

After several years of just skirting around and seeing what could be, Mike decided it was time to revive Bear Bottom Productions.  Focusing on the unique opinions, topics and stories that highlighted the page previously.  With a clearing out and revamping the website, FaceBook Page and Twitter, Bear Bottom Productions is set to continue its unique way of writing.

The Name:
Interesting name we know…  The name came about in the wee hours of some morning while trying to complete the Site for a Class project.  A teddy bear was laying on the floor and its bear bottom was showing.

We are currently focused on our own personal interest.  This includes Food, Sports (Chicago Sports mainly), Video Games, Weather and popular topics.  Our stories our written with our unique point of view.

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