Ice Storm Oklahoma City November 2015

Here are some picture from the small Ice Storm that hit Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in November 2015.

More will come.  So check back later!

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Indiana Weather 1-23-14


Here is what you can expect for Central and Northern Indiana: Thursday January 23rd 2014.

Across the area expect to see windy conditions that will keep temperatures down and Wind Chills in the negative teens.  South Bend looks to be getting another possible 1-2 inches.  Lafayette, Indy and Muncie will have wind chill warnings.  Fort Wayne will have to take caution as they should experience blowing snow.  Wind Chill Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories are out across the state. Continue reading

Indiana Weather 1-22-14

20140122-000117.jpgHere is what you can expect for Central and Northern Indiana, Wednesday January 22nd 2014.

Flurries, 30% chance
High: 19
Low: 3
Winds: 10-20 MPH
Wind Chill: -10 to -20

Fort Wayne
Snow Showers, 40% chance
High: 18
Low: 7
Winds: 10-20 MPH
Wind Chill: -10 to -15

South Bend
Snow Showers, 70% chance
High: 16
Low: 9
Winds: 10-25 MPH
Wind Chill: -15 to -20

Snow Showers, 30% chance
High: 17
Low: 1
Winds: 15-30 MPH
Wind Chill: -15 to -20

Snow Showers, 30% chance
High: 16
Low: 4
Winds: 10-30 MPH
Wind Chill: -15

Let us know if you think we should include any other cities to help better serve you!

Storm Chaser Mike

Welcome West Michigan Storm Chasers.DSCN0417

I am Mike.  I am one of the brains to this awesome page.  That includes Bear Bottom Production, West Michigan Storm Chasers and their respective FaceBook and Twitter pages.  I feel in love with weather when I was a really young kid.  I was out playing basketball when I saw a lightening strike in the distance.  A weather creature was born.

Since then I have followed weather and am always outside in the worst of it (Safely though).  A couple years ago I got with Rebecca, while we were working together, and we were discussing our passion for weather and what we liked most about it.  She mentioned that she had a page she ran (West Michigan Storm Chasers) and wanted help running it.  I offered to help her.  From there another Monster was created.  When I first joined her on the page, we had somewhere around 30-40 Likes and covered just the west side of Michigan (Ludington South).  Since then we have grown to over 150 Likes and now we cover West and Central Michigan as well as Central and Northern Indiana.  Enough though about the page and how I got started here.

I am a graduate of Western Michigan University.  I lived in Michigan before moving to Indiana for a job.  I miss the storms off the lake and the effects they have in the winter already.  I am a crazy nut, in a good way.  Like i mentioned before, I am the first one out the door when there is a storm approaching.  I have been in hail storms, blizzards, tornadoes and some of the craziest winds.  I am not afraid of weather, with that said though, I would never put anyone or even myself in harms way if I did not think I was able to handle it.

I am the one mostly posting info on the Twitter and FaceBook pages.  I provide all of the tracking info, up-to-date Watches and Warnings and even once in a while Live broadcast about a storm.

Look forward to bring you weather updates!