Tony Romo’s Future


Ever since Tony Romo got injured in the Preseason, it has been rumored many times that he will play again this year, he is sidelined for the year and he will not be back with the Dallas Cowboys.  Lets not forget this is his, umm, well another injury to his injury filled career. Continue reading


2015-16 College Playoffs

College Football’s Playoffs are just around the corner.  This years will feature #1 Clemson, #2 Alabama, #3 Michigan State and #4 Oklahoma.  Great matches that are bound to create excitement and some memories.  Although these four teams are quite deserving of being in the playoffs, one has to ask, should they expand and if so how?  Luckily I have come up with a solution that is bound to gather some attention and truly reward.  So lets get into the makeup of the New College Football Playoffs. Continue reading

College Playoffs Round One

Vote one the team you think would win each match-up!

Who Will Win Super Bowl XLIX?